Friday, October 14, 2011

Rock Stars and Heavy Metal

....and now for the other stylish fish in the sea. Whether it's Chinese Foo Dog statuary or salvaged iron gates, garden ornament is a great way to add dimension and introduce focal points into your garden. The wire mesh urn is my fav. I'd camouflage it's silhouette with evergreen climbers and plant simple box within. Two of the giant iron obelisk's flanking a prominent entrance would be fun when planted with runner beans, gourds or tomatoes in matching Annabelle hydrangea bombs. Visit the Marvin Gardens website in my opinion, they traffic the best of the gritty good goods.

If you are near NYC, check out the emerging garden decor mecca along Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side. This is a good area to suss out stone statuary and those Foos that you and Rachel Zoe love. Bunny William's shop Treilage should be your headliner and end with Mecox Gardens, an awesome finale. If your feeling an encore (or if I were accompanying you), circle back to Roberta Roller Rabbit to stock up on outdoor table accoutrement.

Ya Dig?