Friday, October 21, 2011

Kelly's Courtyard

Chic, savvy and widely known for her edgy interiors, Kelly Wearstler is one of my fav designers. Her beautiful coffee table book, HUE is a testament to her fearless command of all color combinations. With great delight she shares photos of her Orangerie within her California Hillcrest Estate. Found under the cover of Peridot are stunning shots of her little oasis. From within the home, the Orangerie is a marvelous backdrop to highlight her individual vignettes.

Outside, it is an unexpected and thrilling maze of terra cotta pots filled with a collection of simple box, poodle box and standard fruit trees. I would die to find a client with this as their inspiration (and believe me, I've tried peddling it)!

The concept itself is cinch. Paint a clutch of all weather pots white and stud with box and standards. The true take away is in the arrangement. The room can constantly change depending on the pot configuration. Line them in an artful allee parallel to a dining table for a dinner party. Pinch them all at the end of a terrace and play with scale as you would a flower arrangement. Or, create a shade garden, an outdoor shower sleeve, pop up children's maze, makeshift scrim or an aisle to a backyard party. The possibilities are endless.

Ya Dig?