Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moss Garden

With a name like Moss you knew that Kate's wedding (featured in this month's Vogue Magazine)was going to be sensational. The photo shoot featured her beautiful gown, food service and A-list guests. All truly intriguing but what caught my eye was the sensational flower border lining the church where the couple tied the knot. Thickly planted white delphiniums, scabious and daisy were employed to give this effect.

To achieve this look for yourself:
-Rely on all white plantings with subtle hits of light green
-Use plantings that thrive in your plant zone
-Don't be afraid to add your own...ladies mantle, allium, hosta or french tulips
-Think about adding some coniferous plantings to provide structure to the garden off season. I'm thinking a small sequence of box.
-Finally, try to stick with perennials

Ya Dig?