Monday, September 19, 2011

The Home Within Us

A wonderful client of mine first turned me on to the work of her architect, Bobby McAlpine. Her beautiful home is just breathtaking and I feel my garden presence there is just gild on the lily. McAlpine's work is stunning.
Ironically, it was another client that introduced me to McAlpine's Rizzoli International coffee table book titled "The Home Within Us". I began to sense a trend and bought the book on the spot. Yes, it was a collection of fabulous photographs but, as I was warned, the text was so rich and insightful (which is not always the case with coffee table books). I loved his pendulum effect and the inspiration he evoked. Even if you are not an architect, there is so much to take away from it. A great idea for your next hostess gift.

Clearly, I especially loved this clever interpretation that was featured in House Beautiful Magazine.

Ya Dig?