Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Trend For Spring

Every Spring and Fall I send out 50 small boxes filled with delicious candy and bulbs/seeds to each of my friends. So often, I am asked when to plant bulbs and I found that this is a fun reminder to all (as I am the only dork that has it on her calendar)!Each parcel features care instructions as follows:

What I'm Planting Now: A pure palette of all white tulips creates a stunning, crisp and sophisticated focal point in any garden.
Purchase: Bulbs can be found during September in many nurseries although; I find the best value is found at Home Depot.
Planning and Planting: Take candy outside and munch as you contemplate an area of your yard that could use some excitement in the Spring. Come Fall, place bulb in a hole about 6” deep with pointed end up and cover with soil and water. For multiples (highly suggested), plant 4” apart.
Tips: Where possible plant in a deer-free area and think about adding limelight hydrangeas and white eremurus or digitalis to your updated cutting garden.
Ya Dig?