Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sow & Sow Digs For Hadrian's Hortocouture:

Urns are a great way to delineate the transition areas between outdoor rooms. These are all weather and hold year round stamina when planted with a native evergreen.

What is not to love about an outdoor shower? This is an inexpensive model that can be hooked up to an existing external water line. Sand and salt can be sluiced off while enjoying the blue sky above. A simple cedar screen would add privacy and a dry spot to hang a robe. A simple outdoor room that boosts the appeal of the garden. Summer is here!

An outdoor living room is a great way to extend the liveable space of your home. Buy solid Sunbrella pillows and have them monogrammed with a poignant design or crest. Watch the sunrise with your kids and listen to the world wake up.

Finally! In October 2010 Ina Garten is coming out with another one of her signature cookbooks. In celebration, why not add an herb garden to your jardin potager or plant them in an elevated window box in an outdoor room? Simple ingrediants can make even her recipies more delish.

I loved this concept of the steel mum. Adding antiques in the garden is a great way to source the local treasures of the community and anchor the landscape into the greater whole.

Tuteurs are classic garden structures that brace climbing plants like tomatoes, eggplant and cucumber. They are beautiful in a jardin potager and also add visual interest in cold months. I would source a large version to ensure that they would not get lost in the summer greens.

A client of mine introduced me to her son's fabulous website where you can purchase a concrete ping pong table which also seats 12 for dinner. The vision is brilliant (and Agassi thought so too) and a great accoutrement to any outdoor room.

Ya Dig?