Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Company's Coming

I get an architectural kick out of watching cities structurally resuscitate once winning their bid to host the Olympic Games.
This ritual reminds me of my mother preparing for one of her extreme dinner parties. (Floral arrangements grow from thin air, dance tents erupt in the backyard, oyster shukers prepare their ice beds on the patio, musicians rehearse in the living room, candy dishes are extolled of cashew dregs while the caterers go bananas in the kitchen.) There is a huge degree of work involved to master the fine art of entertaining.
In London's case, the scale is exponentially extruded. The world is coming to visit. Their improvements campaign to bolster their urban infrastructure is well underway. On my radar is Heatherwick's Olympic Cauldron (yet to be unveiled) and the King's Cross Station renovation by John Mcasian + Partners (above).