Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Recently, Architectural Digest featured Diane von Furstenberg's lair within the urban fabric of the Meatpacking District. Snout to tail was designed by WORKac. Personally, after seeing the plan of the rooftop landscape architecture, I'd sooner be vegan.
The glass pod in the corner was slightly intriguing from a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory glass elevator design" meets I.M. Pei's truncated glass pyramid at the Louvre. Both signal rebirth, true to the neighborhood's dogma. However, the rest of the rooftop was all euthanasia. While the plant palette set to mimic the nearby native chic of the High Line, the thicket of plantings looked like a tick's Junkanoo. And what a waste of space. Diane loves her gentle skirted lines, but the deck severed the possibility of fluid entertainment and infringed on any interaction with the impressive skyline. After the glass pod, the design seemed like a bum wrap.