Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moss on Washington Street

While having lunch at the Standard Grill, I spotted a street artist peddling his charms from the further sidewalk. Over one heck of a Cobb Salad, I watched as he leafed through a Rolodex of Kate Moss-inspired canvases from the flatbed of his mobile office. With his Charles Barkley-sized dog at his side, the gregarious artist worked his illegal outpost on the sidewalk with such envious finesse. The generous social interactions "man and dog" cultivated with passing pedestrians was just marvellous.
I love the random opportunities that are spawned from large scale, urban street life. They seem to take root from the inhospitable shade and rock of concrete ambiguity.
For whatever reason, the anonymity of these landscapes seems to breed litters of personal exchanges and delightfully engages chance encounters. Brilliant.