Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An A-Frame

Warby Parker pitched an innovative pop-up store in SoHo over the season of holiday splurge. Peddling eyeglasses to the masses in a fabulous and totally covetable yurt, the post offered a refreshingly diminutive platform in the landscape of Big Box commerce. (Home Depot, Costco or Target...too often, retail architecture reduces it's overwhelmed clientele to helpless, child size proportion.)

Seamlessly, the yurt was framed out by English lattice scrims and sheathed in sturdy canvas. This incredibly simple design approach effortlessly introduced the ideal sense of scale to the occupier of the space. Despite my 20/20 vision, I wouldn't have twitched to feign astigmatism just to linger in the experience of this souk sensation. A sucker for anthropometrics,I think the concept is visionary.