Friday, November 18, 2011


Calypso's new location on New York City's Upper East Side affords the retailer exponentially more square footage than their previous Madison Avenue digs. Silk and denim garments are displayed in a bohemian-style laze that cocoon a lounge area to tame restless male shopping companions. In my opinion, the best feature to this new and generous footprint was the hidden courtyard tucked off the boutique's backside.

Mirrors, a clutch of garden stools and ornamental furnishings were thoughtfully arranged within a room draped with a white blousey shell. Locked behind double glass doors, the courtyard reminded me of Ryoan-ji, a famous Japanese viewing garden that is meant to be enjoyed from points beyond the physical site.
It is such a thumb to Manhattan's economy of space, I think the Calypso courtyard is sheer brilliance.

Ya Dig?