Friday, October 28, 2011

The Architecture of Death

In the spirit of Halloween....

Carlo Scarpa's Italian Brion Cemetery is breathtaking. The memorial was meant to be not only the ultimate resting place for the Brion family but also pose as a green oasis for it's visitors to enjoy.
His keen attention to detail is evidenced in every aspect of the design. On my visit, highlights were abound. Cleverly, the height of the perimeter concrete walls are level with the corn fields beyond as a means to stitch the site into it's surrounding landscape. I loved the inaccessible island of land he positioned center in a pool of water as an allegory to the afterlife. He truly used every opportunity to design each centimeter of the space which took him 10 years to complete. His affinity for the project was deeply rooted. Tucked away in a remote area, Scarpa himself is buried here, vertically.

Ya Dig?