Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apple of my eye

When I originally procured my Apple itouch phone I thought it to be a nifty little contraption that not only allowed me to remotely collect emails and map me through the backroads of Bedford but also entertained my children at the doctor's, I was sold. Now a year later, I am only realizing it's greater has superseded my wallet in pocketbook hierarchy! Beyond turning into a lightsaber or "shazamming" songs, it is also a fountain of knowledge to match your list of exterior queries.

On a recent perusal through the apps store and features setting on my handheld (read: Holy Grail) I compiled a list of a couple of my favs:

Camera: Capture images of plantings you like while on holiday, good looking pillows to keep in mind for next Spring or snap a few of your prized thistles to share on your next coffee with Martha.

Ben Color Capture: Take a photo of a color you like and the app will find it for you on Benjamin Moore's color wheel. This beats leaving a note for a neighbor requesting the paint particulars of their shutters and shingles.....thank you again Sally!

Color Snap: Same theory as above but will locate the color on the Sherwin Williams color wheel.

Farmers Market Finder: YUM. What a great idea. Heading off in the RV this summer for a little R and R- taste and savor the local produce along your way....hey, start a blog while your at it (and there is probably an app for that too)!

Florafolio- Native Plant List for the Northeast. I am constantly asked about Natives and this is a great tool to make sure Town property isn't covered in bamboo by year end. (I would hope by now, you realize when I'm joking.)

ilocate: For locating outdoor furniture shops. Who knew?

ivideocamera: This one is very clever and I have my friend Natalie to thank for introducing it to me. It will turn your icamera into a video camera. Now you can capture Martha's expression when you show her your photo compendium of prized thistles!

Trees Near You: Liriodendron tulipifera, Paulownia tomentosa, Platanus x acerifolia.....what is a girl to do? This app identifies the tree species nearest you in San Francisco also has this app. Sit tight and I'm sure that the app engineers in cyberspace are finding a way to code your city/the globe/the Milky Way as we speak.

US State Trees: Great for a long drive when one more Taylor Swift chorus will simply do you in....or just the ticket for a RV trip...see above!

Help yourself to my findings and let me know if you have any good ones too. My sincerest apologies for boring the blackberry readership to tears, get next week's dirt on Valentines Day.
Ya Dig?